Day 4 Recap


the district manager surveilling


The one reoccurring theme of this strike can be summed up with a single word: solidarity. Over the past four days we have seen many different groups step up to help us out and show us what that word really means. There has not been a single day that people havn’t provided us with donations, nourishment, and emotional support. We are truly overwhelmed by this and it has provided us with great hope about the future in an otherwise dreary present.

Local workers, both unionized and non-union, have played a major supporting role. We’ve gathered hundreds of signatures from customers supporting our demands. Even more managers have come forward to tell us striking workers they support our efforts to hold Daniel Butler accountable for his actions. The community is talking and it seems their answer is clear, worker abuse is not ok in the New River Valley. Some still don’t believe we are not paid union organizers, that this is all a ploy for an eventual union drive, but apparently we have to keep emphasizing this is entirely an independent effort of rank and file workers taking action with community support.

Some workers have opened up to us a little more about what we already knew intuitively, there is a lot of support from the Target workforce, they are just afraid of Target retaliating on them for acting on their labor rights. If any of those workers happen to be reading this we would like them to know that we have their backs and will fight tooth and nail for them if they want our help. We know there are other issues on the job and if we come together, as workers, we can get shit done. This strike alone, with only a small fraction of workers, should be proof enough of this. If management thinks for one second that we are going to let them get away for retaliating on other workers who dare to struggle with us they will find out how severe the repercussions will be. It’s a new day at Target.

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