Our Store Newsletter


There have been several developments since our last update back in September. Since that time there have been efforts to galvanize workers through group meetings about our labor rights and encouraging discussion around the situation of the working class today.

In the process of doing this management has pushed back against our efforts, including disciplinary meetings of workers for inviting coworkers to labor rights events, and holding “captive audience” meetings where management speak out against our efforts, and discouraging coworkers from participating. As a result two charges are now pending against the management through the NLRB regarding management’s conduct during and after our strike in August.

And now our latest effort is self evident, our worker newsletter. The worker newsletter is a means to discuss the issues facing us as workers at this store and abroad, to build unity between workers, and to provide protection for our speech. Free speech is not something really protected in the workplace, especially not in a “right-to-work” state. What does offer protection to our speech is our right to concerted activity. This newsletter is an engagement of concerted activity as we discuss what things we would like to see change at Target.

It is our hope that through sustained discussion among coworkers about what we would like to see, and what we need to see Target become we can build unity and realize those changes.

To read the full newsletter please click here



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