For the past several years Target manager Daniel Butler has engaged in repeated abuse of Target workers including sexual harassment and derogatory comments directed at POC workers. The Target management both below and above Butler have prevented any accountability towards him, and have even retaliated against workers who sought justice. Workers are left with no other alternative than to strike until their demands are met, which include:

1. The immediate termination of Daniel Butler from Target

2. Official recognition of our independent workers committee, which will handle all worker grievances at the Christiansburg Target store.



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Day 5 Recap

This day has been as incredible as the last four, and in some ways more incredible than the others. Who would have thought with only an initial small amount of Target workers and supporters we could have had such strength to impact a major corporation’s behavior? As we woke up we found out from other … Continue reading Day 5 Recap

Day 3 Recap

The amount of solidarity that has been shown to the Target workers has only increased over the last three days. Today we had members from the UFCW, the UAW, and the CWA. Other community organizations, such as NRV Indivisible, and two local Democrat candidates came and endorsed our strike, Chris Hurst and Steve McBride. Furthermore … Continue reading Day 3 Recap

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