New Testimony

As a result of our first day on strike and the overwhelming support from the local community and workers abroad we have received yet another condemning testimony from a former Target manager at a distribution center who worked beside Daniel Butler on Virginia Tech campus recruiting students to come work at the Christiansburg Target store. They wish to remain anonymous. This is their account:


“The Christiansburg store would share a booth with us at these events and recruit separately for their Executive Team Leader positions. Daniel represented the store, alongside a ETL usually, at these events I had a lot of face time with Daniel, and the guy is beyond unprofessional, and incredibly sexist. A pure scumbag. He would make comments about how nice the butts and breasts of students interviewing were. At one point, in front of senior Target distribution leadership (my boss, not directly but above me at the distribution center), he told us that he only hires women that “he can see himself sleeping with” I also remember asking him about how an interview went, and he told me, “she didn’t interview well, but she looks like she could fuck. So I’m gonna bring her in for a second interview” I honestly thought he was joking, it was all just “guy chat” or whatever. But after reading some of these testimonies I feel bad I didn’t say anything beforehand. I can verify my former position, background, and involvement with the recruiting team. I also can provide witnesses, though all are still current Target executives and I’m not sure how cooperative they’d be.”

2 thoughts on “New Testimony

  1. I read this early not realizing it was connected to the strike. Thanks to the folks working on this issue. I called the 800 number listed for the store & made my statement. Thanks y’all


  2. Please know, sexual harassment is not “guy chat”. I know this type of behavior is often shrugged off or permitted as “boys being boys”, but it is simply not how real mean act. We need to teach our sons better, tell our daughters to expect more, and demand better of ourselves.

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